Linkbuilding Tips & Tricks

Linkbuilding is hard work.  It takes concentration, dedication, and motivation to get it right.  A Orange County SEO, we can help you with our SEO link building services that help you connect with the people and websites you want to feature.

Linkbuilding involves more than just writing great content.  It is also about building relationships with the people and businesses that can connect back to you and help you build a link network that reaches your potential clients.  Here are eight techniques that will get you on the right track to building links with the websites that will help your business grow.

  1. Mine your competitor’s backlinks for potentially great linking ideas.  Open your Site Explorer, enter a competitor’s URL, and download the Excel file that results.  You can search these results to find possible avenues for your targeted linking strategy.
  2. Meet other bloggers through  If you go to and search for “blogger,” then refine your results by your specialty area, you will find tons of others who blog in the same area.  Go to the event and meet them.  Even five minutes spent in face-to-face conversation may have long-term results for your own backlink list.
  3. Build good infographics.  Infogram can help you with this job, which many webmasters avoid because it seems hard.  Actually it is not difficult at all if you have the right tools to do it.  Without a designer, Infogram can help you make a professional-looking graphics that will give your website a completely different look.
  4. Find possible link recruits from bylines of guest posts.  A great place to look for people who are talking about your field is to look in guest posts on your topic.  These names give you a quick list of people you might want to contact.
  5. Provide profile pages for links.  Giving others the option of linking to a profile page instead of a home page often makes this more willing to give you good links, especially when the homepage is relatively commercial.  However, linking to the profile page of a guest blogger is the norm, so you can easily piggyback on this convention.
  6. Use free guest post search engines. will give you a ready-made list to find guest posters.
  7. Study the people you want to blog with or link to.  For example, most people have “wish lists” on Amazon that are searchable if you know the person’s email address.  Knowing what a person likes may give you a clue as to how to approach that person about increasing your link relationship.
  8. Recognize people who recognize you.  People who tweet your graphics or content are great choices for you to approach about building links.

Orange County SEO has professionals to handle all of your needs.  No matter what type of website you have, how big it is, or what your growth goals are, Orange County SEO can help you achieve your dreams and have the best website possible.

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