Getting More Comments on Your Posts

We all know we need high-quality content and a “call to action” to inspire readers.  What if you still do not get the number of responses to your blog or articles that you would like?  User comments are a great way to add content to your pages and may help you with your freshness score.  Obviously, getting more comments is important.

SEOmoz shares some ideas that may help you get more comments on your pages, raise your ranking, and refresh your posts.

Orange County SEO can also help you with website design and development on all levels by giving you the tools you need to maximize the potential of your web presence.

Your On Your Way To Getting More Comments on Your Post

  1. Make it easy to leave comments.  This may seem self-evident but it is a feature than many SEO managers, focusing on content and other issues, seem to forget.  For example, there are good reasons to use CAPTCHA images, but what if the images themselves are insoluble?  One suggestion that SEOmoz makes is to look at each field you require and ask yourself if you would “jump through that hoop” in order to leave a comment.  If the answer is no, simplify your process.
  2. Place your comments section prominently.  It is easy to stick comments at the end of the page, but you may find that it is missed by many visitors in that position.  Clamp down on the widgets, and watch your reader authorship rise.  You may also want to add an anchor jump that takes your readers directly to comments.
  3. Let your readers login with social media.  If you require your readers to login, make it simple by allowing them to use an account they already have.  You can use a simple facebook connect or twitter version, or you can use Social Login.  By allowing users a one-click option, you will find that they will be far more willing to leave comments.
  4. Rank your commenters and award them.  Comments come from humans, and humans like recognition.  Adding a simple ranking system and some “gold stars” and you may find that readers are more motivated to post.  Avatars can also add fun to your comments section.  Wordpress Top Contributors plugin is a great program with which to start.
  5. Join your own discussion.  Respond to your reader comments.  This makes readers feel a real connection with you and allows you to give information to readers in its most direct form.  Highlighting author comments helps your comments to stand out from the rest and catch readers’ attention.
  6. Limit email notifications to replies.  Most people do not want excessive email notifications but they like to know when someone has replied to a comment. Comment Reply Notification for WordPress can help you manage this task easily.
  7. Track your progress through tools.  Google Analytics gives you an easy way to do this; you can also try Raven GA config tool for GA event tracking.

If you would like an analysis of your comment sections, social media interfaces, and other important aspects of your website, contact Orange County SEO today.

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