Why Should You Use Google Plus Local?

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Why should you use Google Plus Local?  Because it combines the best of all worlds:  search engines, social networking, and business directory features, and it does so in a way that targets local markets.

Your customers can search for your business, leave reviews, and study photographs on Google Plus Local.  Your page will appear on Google search results and Google maps.

This page shows some of the benefits of Google Plus Local, such as:

  • SEO rankings boost.  Using SEO combined with Google Plus Local gives you a better ranking than either technique alone.  This cumulative effect is easy to take advantage of, so do not ignore those implications.  If you have an opportunity to boost your rankings without additional costs, take it!
  • Integrates Google Plus.  This is done automatically so that all of your activity is filtered to your social media.  Social media should always be a consideration when you are plotting your advertising strategy.  You can “hopscotch” to a variety of social media every time you post if you set up your web page correctly and follow a few simply procedures.  Once this grid is set up, your customers are instantly aware of your posts no matter what form of social media they use.
  • Zagat customer ratings.  One of the most recognized customer review sites, Zagat, is integrated into Google Plus Local.  This gives you the advantage of a recognized recommendation site integrated right into your web page.  Study after study has shown that customers look for something they can trust and reviews are the primary way they build that trust with you until they actually use your product.  Studies also show that customers are becoming savvy about finding reviews and often search for them before committing to a particular business.
  • Dealing with negative feedback.  You have much more control over comments and can deal with them in a timely and professional manner.  This is essential in considering your online reputation management—remember those reviews customers are looking at!
  • Better search rank.  Raising your position on the first page is a key to getting more business.  If you are not on the first page, your organic search results are not doing you much good.  You can change this in a variety of ways, including changing your keywords, but there is only so much you can do to raise your rankings if your primary keywords are common.  Google gives preference to similar websites with a Google Plus Local presence.
  • Increased website traffic.  Place a link to your website on the Google Plus page and watch your website traffic increase.  This relates to search rankings but also to the mobile revolution.  Users are looking for you in different ways today than they did a few years ago.
  • Gather useful information.  You can obtain analytical information through Google Plus that will help you target your audience.  This is essential to tracking your advertising campaign budget’s use.

Orange County SEO will help you manage Google Plus Local and all internet platforms.  Contact us today for help.

Using Google Plus Local is easy to do when you have the help of a professional SEO expert at Orange County SEO.


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