Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

A landing page is the page of your website that visitors land on after looking up a particular keyword or phrase. It plays a key role in determining whether people will buy from your website or not.

What happens after you are able to rank for moneymaking keywords of your industry?

After you have successfully solved the first internet marketing dilemma by getting traffic to your website the aim is to convert them into a buyer. When visitors come to your website they quickly make a decision whether they like your page and are interested in buying. If they either don’t look the page or are unable to find what they were looking for they will leave and most probably will never return. Getting your website ranked for a competitive keyword is difficult enough so it is critical to make sure that your website and landing pages do not meet the same fate and lose out on sales!

Our experts will increase your conversion and help you get more sales

Our team of Online Marketing and SEO professionals will design each ad and landing page of your website with the aim of increasing sales for your company. We use a number of strategies to increase the conversion rates of your website which includes the following:

A/B Testing

A/B refers to a strategy where two different versions of a landing page are created to check the response of visitors once they have landed on your website. We can either test both the pages at the same time or alternatively. The page that gets a more positive response will be kept.

Rule Based Optimization

We utilize a number of tools to get information about the visitor such as their geographic location, search criteria, and other indicators based on which the copy of the page is modified to appeal to the visitor.

Bounce Rates/Time spent/Exit Page Analysis

Our team studies the bounce rates (people that leave without performing a desired action), the time they spent on particular pages, and the page that they were last at before they decided to leave the website. Once we have this information we will go ahead and edit the pages that are not doing so well and duplicate the strategy from the pages that are generating revenue. Such information is highly important in fine tuning the website to increase website conversion rates and boost sales.

Call to Action Items

An integral part of a well-crafted website strategy is to be able to guide the user from getting on our landing page to performing an action that will either initiate contact with the company, obtain their information, or generate a sale etc. Our team are experts in putting together strategies that will encourage users to perform desired actions.

X-Factor Testing

In addition to these techniques our team of Search Engine Marketing professionals has developed a number of proprietary techniques to drive up website revenues for business across Orange County, California.

If you would like to turn your website into a revenue generating machine please call us now at (949) 494-0007 and schedule a complimentary consultation. We guarantee that we will help your website create more sales and produce better results!

Get a Complimentary SEO Website Analysis

Get a Complimentary SEO Website Analysis

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