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The latest web trends are summarized in this infographic and illustrate visually what is currently happening in web design.  Here are a few points to think about as you study the graphic:

  • Responsive web design has become the standard.  Fluid layout appropriate for smart phone users is now the industry standard, and as more people move to tablet- or phone-based web browsing, that is not likely to change.  Designing websites that can adapt to a variety of environments in a skill that web designers must cultivate to stay relevant.
  • Circles instead of drop-boxes.  With the advent of CSS3, it has become easy to use circles as avatars for portfolios or radio button choices.
  • Vector art captures user interest.  Vector art with its big, colorful cartoons is appearing everywhere, and users enjoy the large, easy-to-process images.
  • Simplicity is important.  Users complained of information overload with some websites where an overload of graphics and video caused them to be unable to focus.  The trend now is to minimalistic web design that still gives users the information they need,
  • Infographics are growing in popularity.  Giving information to people in easy-to-read graphic format is a trend that is going to continue.  Users respond well to interactive and colorful graphics that put information into an understandable format.
  • Top-sided menus.  Sidebars may one day go the way of the dodo, thanks to formatting software improvements that allow designers to place menus at the top of the page—something users respond to in a positive manner.

These are only a few of the trends for 2013 in web design, but they all point in one direction–making a user’s web experience effortless and fun.  As web designers refine their craft, they will ultimately continue to simplify content and create great visual representations of data.



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