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A landing page is where your customers “land” when they head over to your web page.  Landing pages are usually arrived at by one of two methods:  a customer searches for keywords on a search engine and the results indicate your page, or they are led there by clicking on a link from another page.  It is vital that the first things a potential customer sees convince him or her to stay on the page and eventually buy something or sign up for a service.  A good landing page can lead visitors to do this.

This infographic shows you the structure of the ideal landing page.  A landing page is the first thing your potential clients see, so it must engage them and keep them following through to the rest of your website.  A good landing page consists of the following components:

  • A clear and concise headline that leaves no doubt about the purpose of your page.  Headlines are the first, and sometimes the only, information potential customers see, so it is important to give them an immediate picture of your company and your purpose.
  • A secondary headline that clarifies your primary headline.  A secondary headline can explain a pithy primary headline and expand on the information.  Used correctly, a good secondary headline continues to draw readers in and keep them browsing on your pages.
  • Easy access to registration that takes only a moment.  Users will not stay on a page that pushes them through dozens of registration steps.  Streamline your registration process to retain reader interest and generate instant mailing or contact lists for future sales campaigns.
  • Testimonials.  Good words from satisfied customers should always be easy to find on your page.  People believe others who have had good experiences with your company.  Video testimonials are an ideal way to add believability to your testimonial library; people tend to trust video descriptions rather than written ones, especially those by “anonymous” customers.
  • Product descriptions.  Your visitors should never be in doubt as to which product they are viewing or the important information about it.  Furthermore, links to products should take your customers directly to the correct page and should make it easy for them to buy.
  • Function.  If a visitor cannot determine what the product does or is used for or the specifics about it, he or she is not likely to stay on the page.  Function pages must always be easy to understand and answer FAQs about a product simply and concisely.  If necessary, customers can be given tabs to break down information such as “Specs” or “Further Information.”

Good landing pages are the key to conversion—turning browsers into buyers.  Orange County SEO can help you fine-tune your landing pages so that your customers always have a great user experience with your website and are eager to purchase your products.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you design the perfect landing page for all of your important products or services.

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