Link Valuation is Important for SEO Strategies

Link building” is a term we are all familiar with but which does not really describe the activity it names.  Link building is far more than just creating a bunch of links to something that will drive up your search engine ratings.  It also involves the thought processes that lead to valid and valuable links to relevant content and the work involved to bring those links in as part of a strategic plan that incorporates many aspects of website building.

Assigning value to links is difficult because the value of the individual link depends on what you are looking for.  If you are trying a fathead approach or a long-tail approach, the value of your links will be considered differently.  This is just one example of various ways to value links; however, many webmasters continue to use only one metric as part of their link valuation process, and that is quantity.  In many cases, quality is sacrificed over quantity.  Even if the webmaster is advanced enough to see that he or she needs quality links, the quality of these links is usually considered in isolation rather than as part of a system.

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Link Values—How We Calculate Them

There will always be simplistic folks who want to place a dollar value on links for the sake of calculating the “worth” of an SEO job.  We cannot avoid that, even though it would be far wiser to place value on the total marketing strategy.  However, because this is more difficult to do, many people will continue to use the “per link” method of calculating worth of a website job.

The problem with calculating links this way is that it negates the true value of a link in terms of its potential and position within the entire spectrum of advantageous internet marketing strategy.  Links cannot stand alone; therefore, they should not be valued alone.

A better way to look at the value of a link is to see what advantages that particular link brings to your website in terms of relationship-building and exposure to high-quality websites.  Links are part of an overall strategy and lose their independent value when integrated into a marketing strategy such as viral marketing, content assets, or linkable assets.

What Can SEO Managers Do?

The push by SEO professionals should be toward more holistic valuation of links as well as other aspects of a marketing strategy.  By refusing to be treated as a “pay-per-link” business, SEO managers will take control of the profession and cause others to view them as part of an integrated strategic team rather than standalone link generators.

If you are concerned about your link building efforts, talk to Orange County SEO about how we can help you ensure that your website gives you the best value for your advertising dollar.

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