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One of the problems in being a business owner looking for good SEO strategies is that you may not understand all of the terms associated with this field.  Furthermore, you may not have time to learn them nor have any interest in becoming an SEO expert yourself.  That is perfectly okay—it is why you hire experts to work on your SEO strategy and build your internet presence.

However, it never hurts to have a basic understanding of exactly what is happening with your SEO so that you are able to make decisions from an informed position.  In order to do this, there are a few matters on which it is helpful to educate yourself.  Understanding how SEO works on a basic level makes you better able to discuss your goals with your SEO expert and to be a part of your own SEO campaigns.  In order to do that, it is sometimes necessary to see information in a way that allows you to digest complex matters more easily.

This internet marketinginfographic summarizes some very abstract SEO concepts into a format that is easier to comprehend.  It covers several FAQs from an SEO point of view, including:

  • How does my keyword structure affect the number of users looking for my phrases?  As the graphic shows, the longer your keywords, the fewer people you will target.  The shorter and more general your terms, the more competition you will encounter.  Therefore, there is a “sliding scale” of keyword length along which your SEO expert will move, depending on your particular needs.  Some businesses can use very specific keyword strings; others cannot.
  • How does Google rank websites?  Google does not rank websites but individual pages.  Use breadcrumb links and hierarchical organization for maximum search engine benefit.  This means that every page on your website affects your overall Google experience, so it is important not to neglect any particular page.  SEO strategy must take all of your websites into account.
  • Which technique should I use for building my SEO strategy?  There is no one answer; instead, use a mixture of a variety of techniques.  Getting a little bit of benefit from several techniques may add up to a sum larger than its whole, especially if you solve problems by changing individual pages.
  • How do white-hat/black-hat and high-value/low-value relate?  This graphic explains the relationship between these four concepts.  Generally, staying away from black-hat SEO is the safest bet; there are plenty of good ways to build your web presence without resorting to unethical practices.
  • How does link baiting and social media affect my SEO strategy?  Linkbaiting and social media are intertwined among platforms and are growing in importance in SEO strategy.  These have the most impact if you have never done them before, but polishing up your existing campaigns can also help.
  • How are SEO and PPC related?  Good SEO strategy reduces your price per click, so PPC should always be an important consideration in your SEO strategy, especially as you analyze user behavior.

The experts at Orange County SEO can help you decipher SEO terms and build a strong marketing strategy for our business.  Contact us to find out how.

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