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Our SEO company in Orange County is in a constant state of analyzing, measuring, collecting and studying the practice and progress of search engines to better serve our customers. By looking at a sites statistics created from our specialized tools, we can track clicks, links, ranking and more to create a customized action list on what direction to take the site for optimal success. We combine all essential ingredients elemental to SEO through our custom-built web analytics.

Here is just a little of what to expect when you work with search engine optimization company like Orange County SEO.

Recording Referrals – Tracking those who have directly navigated to the site by typing exact words into search fields, browsers that have the site bookmarked, links that are devoid of tracking codes are also noted.

Traffic Report – Campaign emails and links from emails or promotion and branding-related links and any queries that produced a slew of users coming from large and small search engines.

Finding the Way – By recording referrals and seeing the strong and weak areas of response to content, the bar graph can tell you if you need to reshape your campaigns, step up performance or continue full speed ahead with no changes.

Search Engine Shuffle – There are what we call “the big three”, because over 94% of search traffic in America today goes through three search engines, and it consists of Google, Yahoo and Bing, which uses Google. Globally, Google carries over 80% of the world’s search traffic. We track your site on all three platforms to see how your ranking rises and falls. You’ll notice that search engines work differently, and keeping on top of how all three of them find you will only help you respond with providing search engines with easier methods of being found.

What People Are Saying – Keywords that direct traffic are also watched closely, you’ll see that if trends are pointing away from your generated content, you need to make revisions to how you are providing content. Monitoring keywords also helps identify trends and words that you will want to implement more often.

Watching Conversions – Studying our analytics and peeking at rankings and what types of content generated action steps from customers is bar none the most important set of factors in determining the success of your site. What is converting your visitors into paying customers, where does it start and how do sales conclude?

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