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What is link building and link baiting?  Customers who do not understand these terms may be missing out on significant market traffic, because links are what drive customers to your site.

In essence, links are maps or pointers to send customers where you want them to go.  Unless a customer already has your URL or web address, he or she does not know you have a web presence.  There are millions of web sites on the internet, so customers usually search for companies they want to use by putting key terms into a search engine.  However, they may also arrive at your site by clicking on a link that takes them there from another, trusted website, and this is where the power of link building becomes so important.

If you can manage to build links on trusted websites, customers will be more likely to visit you and to browse your products or services.  This infographic shows the best ways to build links and defines some of the terms used in the process such as “link bait.” Effective link building is a great way to get your company noticed, since links to other websites drive up your natural organic search engine rankings and pull in users from other sites. According to the infographic, you should think about content, video, and images as you begin to build links to other sites.

  • Content.  At the end of the day, content is king in all aspects of your website.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that checking your content is an important part of link building.  In order to attract links from other sites, your content must be high-quality, original and informative.
  • Videos.  Customers love videos and other websites are more likely to link to you if you have interesting video content to show them.
  • Images.  When it comes to link building, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  A good image or infographic can give you much higher rates of traffic than simple words.
  • As you concentrate on link building, do not forget about forging relationships with other websites that can support your efforts.  You should also focus on utilizing all link-building resources such as social media and local business promotion.

Linking to trusted websites is one way to maximize your own online presence.  However, this can be a slow process, especially if you aim too high too soon.  Managing your content can make you attractive to the websites to which you want to link and help you build online relationships with trusted sites that will raise your own value in the eyes of your customers and the search engines that lead them to you.

At Orange County SEO, we have experts who can help you build links quickly and safely that will drive up your internet traffic as well as help you raise your value with search engines.  Talk to us today about how link building strategies can work for you.

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