Creating the Optimal Local Landing Page for Your Business

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Do you know the difference between a local landing page and other types of web pages? If not, it is important that you learn the secrets to creating a great landing page that will attract local traffic and share your information with local customers.

What does a local landing page need to be successful in local SEO marketing? This infographic explains key points that a landing page must have to drive business to your website.

1) 92 percent of optimal landing pages have important contact information such as name, address, phone, and location. It is surprising how many local pages neglect to put this critical information in a prominent spot so that anyone who needs to can easily contact the company. While there may be good reasons to conceal direct contact information in a nationwide campaign, there is rarely any reason to do so on a local landing page.

2)59 percent have a phone contact in addition to email. Most local business have phone service during certain hours of the day. It is a good idea to provide a local phone number, since many people, especially older shoppers, appreciate being able to talk directly to the company.

3) 38 percent have a call to action. A call to action is a short piece of text that encourages customers to shop and buy locally with a particular vendor. This call to action should not be salesy but should encourage customers to buy by giving them a good reason and a clear course of action.
4) 46 percent have an easy-to-complete contact form. Contact forms should be minimal but should capture essential information: Name, phone and email can suffice in many cases.
5) 34 percent have a Google map. Google maps are some of the most underutilized resources in local web pages. A Google map is simple to install and shows customers exactly where a business is located. Many people use Google maps to determine the relative distance to businesses or to find landmarks that will guide them to the location.
6) 86 percent have product information. A local landing page is a great place to highlight your most important products as long as you do not make the page too crowded. The page should never have a catalog of products, but it is a good idea to highlight the type of goods or services your business offers.
7) 19 percent have testimonials. A short testimonial from a satisfied customer can drive customers toward your site quickly and establishes a sense of trust with your base. Customers like to know that others have used your services successfully.
8) 12 percent have trusted symbols of associated organizations. The Better Business Bureau, professional organizations and other groups offer logos that can be used if you are a member. These trusted symbols also build confidence with your customers.
9) 58 percent have staff photos. Staff photos help customers identify those who work in your organization and allow them to make a connection with them.

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