How Can I Optimize My Keywords and What is Keyword Research?

We’re honing in on keywords for this article because where content is king, keywords are golden. Keyword research drives a huge amount of search engine behavior, as it’s the bread and butter of how to observe what people are searching for and how. Certain search phrases and terms are going to attract different kinds of crowds, and by studying the keywords that people use, or which keywords generate user interest, you start to really get a feeling of how to connect with your customers in a way never before possible.

Keyword research is almost like having focus groups in a fancy room where you conduct experiments and see what the group prefers. But here’s the thing: using the Internet as your focus group means that your “lab” can be as large as you want! You can reach thousands of people and you can observe which way they are trending by using diagnostic tools, and in turn you can produce content that will attract the kind of visitors that are going to love your product or services. Your site can respond with up to the minute information that vibes with the current market situation, with information on products and services that correspond with real and actual needs, not predicted needs.

The golden rule applies to keywords very effectively. You must put yourself in the shoes of the customer and create for them a user experience that is satisfying. Part of a gratifying user experience is to create accurate, descriptive keywords that best demonstrate what is being offered. If you have a sunglasses business and someone does a search for white-rimmed sunglasses, is your site not only going to be within the top listings, but if a user clicks on it, will they like what they see? Not only that, but someone searching for “sunglasses” is probably approaching the idea of buying shades in a casual non-committal way, but someone searching for “Ray-Ban polarized aviator frames” is ready to part with their hard-earned cash.

Looking up the actual keywords that pertain to your industry and seeing where they rank with search engines can give you insight into your competition.

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