Cheap Perfume Does Not Translate Into Lasting Sales

In a recent article by Todd Mintz, he compared what some bloggers are doing to the cheap perfume his wife used to discourage the cat from clawing the carpet.  When he jokingly asked her why she didn’t use the perfume herself, her reply was that the strong scent just didn’t last.  This has application to the world of SEO marketing, as well.

Mintz goes on to use the analogy to compare today’s “anonymous bloggers” with the true thing.  Popular blog sites are quick to publish the outré, the different–but these posts may last no longer than the fickle whims of change take to blow them away, dissipating that pungent dime-store scent.

To Mintz, blogging is a responsibility.  What you say online has an impact with your colleagues, friends, and family.  Impulsive or outrageous posts have a way of coming back to bite the blogger long after he or she has vented the spleen, and may impact the outlook of people towards a site, product, or company.

Anonymous blogging can be dangerous for this reason.  If a blogger has no accountability, the words may not mean much to him or her.  We have all experienced this with online comments, especially on hot topics like politics or religion.  The hurtful and spiteful words that are left by anonymous posters can resonate with those reading, but the poster is long gone and will not have to face the consequences.

Anonymous blogging operates under a similar umbrella.  It does not lend itself to truth, fact-checking, or building relationships.  Instead, it is a version of “playing God” but without the inevitable consequences we receive when we try that in “real life.”

Serious bloggers would never think of being anonymous.  Like reporters, they are expected to stand behind what they “print.”  If you want to be taken seriously as an internet blogger, whether for your own purposes or that of marketing, there has to be accountability.  Accountability means that you post only fact-checked, true statements and give your opinions sparingly, with regard to the knowledge that everyone may not agree with your stand on a situation.  It is not about caving in; rather, it is about building those relationships that are so important if your product or service is going to stand the test of time.

There is no place for anonymous bloggers in search marketing.  Your credibility as a producer of a good or service or the marketer of those goods or services has to be built on real-life facts, not phony fictions.  The search for credibility always ends in a reward if you follow the rules of good marketing and stand behind what you write.

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