Mozplex Ranking Tool Instabilities Being Corrected

Users of Mozplex’s rankings tools may have noticed instability in the way the programs process over the past three weeks, including missing data, and error messages.  Mozplex announced the reasons for the problems and urged users to be patient as they work to fix them.

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Database and Other Issues

To begin with, the SERP data subsystem, which operates off Riak, a distributed storage technology, lost two nodes.  This SEOmoz blog post tells more about Riak.  Normally, the subsystem would be able to absorb the failures; unfortunately, Mozplex had trouble implementing the fix.  In the process of correcting the Riak storage issues, some of the SERP data processing queues were disrupted.  It took six days to get the system running again and two weeks to correct the data consistencies that resulted, primarily due to the exponential growth of stored data over the past year on Mozplex’s servers.

The Riak issue affected custom reports and rankings, as well as keyword difficulty and SERP analysis reports.  However, the development team at Mozplex has been working hard to restore all data.  To that end, the team:

  • Created scripts to correct problems with jobs
  • Added nodes to speed processing and possibly avoid future failures
  • Improved monitoring to gather information on failures
  • Improved performance in other areas

Unfortunately, it took Mozplex 20 days to recover from the series of issues that plagued them as a result of the original fault.  However, the company pledged to make pro-active changes so that the same issues do not arise in the future.  In order to reach this goal, the company has determined to:

  • Adding Riak nodes and improving checking protocols
  • Improving job execution monitoring
  • Crafting a dependency matrix to quickly identify problems and creating system operations manuals
  • Improving system fault tolerance

If you need to check your rank immediately, you can use the Rank Checker at SEOBook until we get our servers up and running perfectly again and catch up on our data chores.  If you would like updates on these issues, please check our rankings page on the Help Hub.

Mozplex has issued sincere apologies for any inconvenience suffered by clients and assures them that the company is working hard to ensure that the same problems do not recur.

Issues can arise at any time with servers, content, processes, and a host of other aspects of your website.  These issues will only grow more complex as technology continues to develop.  In order to ensure that you can meet the demands of your website’s technology, you may need professional assistance from a company that can give you quick and simple service and solve your problems, such as Orange County SEO.

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