Is Your SEO Too Hot, Too Cold or Just Right?

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We all know what spam looks like, even if we have trouble defining it.  On a personal level, most of us hate spam.  We find it distracting and cumbersome, but we may be guilty of utilizing it for our own businesses if we think it will drive traffic to our site.  It is the class case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

There is certainly a fine line between spam and good SEO. Moderation is the key, as in most things. In order to maximize your SEO budget, here are a few tips from this infographic:

• Target mid-tail and long-tail keywords. Do not take whatever Google hands out, but do not try to compete for the most sought-after keywords before you are ready for that type of advertising budget.  This is actually an art that takes some practice, so be prepared for a few failures before you find the right keywords for your site.  Also remember that as your business grows, you may need to change your keyword strategy.
• Use a mixture of synonyms and related words rather than the same words over and over.  Repetition signals the search engines that you are spamming, even if that is not your intention.  Instead, use different versions of your keywords to avoid sounding repetitious.
• Focus on quality content while leaving room for marketing budget as well.  It pays to pay for good content if you cannot write it yourself.  Good content will give you a high return on investment.
• Create a tight, well-written website that can grow as your business expands.  While it is important to bring your website up to speed, always leave room for improvement and enlargement as your company continues to grow.  The key to accomplishing this is to think in terms of the big picture; think about foundational qualities you want your website to maintain and work from those points rather than focusing on immediate needs.
• Use analytics frequently to examine your website’s performance and use your budget wisely.  You have a multitude of tools at your disposal that can tell you how your website is performing, so take advantage of them.  You will never know if you are getting a good return on your advertising budget without checking your performance.
• Use a strategic approach to anchor text.  You want your anchor text to work in context with your keyword and advertising strategy, not against it.  Therefore, it pays to work on your anchor text carefully, keeping in mind your keyword strategies.
• Use diversity in pointing your links at key pages.  Pointing at the same website over and over is not only boring but can be perceived as spam.
• Use a mixture of strong, expensive links and cheap, easy ones.  This will help you stretch your budget.
• Use occasional strong viral campaigns for your links.
• Develop branding so that people care about your product.

At Orange County SEO, we can help you build strong link strategies.  Contact us today to see how we can serve your needs.

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