Google Remarketing Can Get Your Customers Back

If you have ever had a client disappear from your radar after engaging on your site, you know that you can spend countless hours trying to figure out why it happened.  Instead of gnawing on your proverbial nails, however, there is something pro-active you can do to stay engaged or reattract those customers:  Google remarketing.

Google introduced remarketing in 2010, and it has quickly become a powerful way to drive conversion rates and positive return on investment.  However, it was not always the easiest strategy to use.  Recent changes have made Google remarketing a viable and easy tool to use when you want to recapture some of your former business.  Customers who have already visited your site are not “lost”; rather, they are “misplaced” and can be brought back with the right techniques, including email marketing strategies.

Orange County SEO can help you set up a remarketing strategy with our team of knowledgable Google Adword (PPC) experts.

Why Should I Use Google Remarketing?

Google has streamlined its remarketing tool since 2010.  Previously, the tool required very complex setup and was not possible on some older tag-based versions of your programs.  However, Google has changed all this so that now it is very easy to implement and use.  Here are three reasons you should think about using Google remarketing.

  1. Easy set up.  The former version required a webmaster with very strong critical thinking skills.  Unique codes had to be generated based on key variables, and this required a lot of backtrailing of customer visits to your site.  SEO managers had a full day’s work to examine all the data then give the webmasters detailed instructions on where to place tags and which tags to use.

All that has changed now.  The universal tag version makes it easy to install one simple code in the footer of every site page, and the job is finished.

  1. You are the boss with universal tags.  You can interface easily with AdWords to target a specific type of user.  For example, if you want users who chose an item but didn’t purchase, you can set up the correct combination in AdWords interface and you are done.
  2. New strategies give you new possibilities.  Rule-based tagging allows you to target audiences that you could not previously access.  You can include or exclude any type of group from your list for a truly customized version of email marketing lists.

With all this easy use, it is no wonder that Google remarketing is fast becoming the go-to tool for remarketing strategists everywhere!  Harness the power of remarketing with Google remarketing tools and find out how easy it is to get back those customers that have already been on your website.

Orange County SEO makes internet marketing simpler by offering you a variety of techniques that really reach your customers.  For all your social media marketing (SMM), remarketing (PPC), and search engine optimization (SEO) needs, you can count on Orange County SEO to help you make the most of your marketing dollars.

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