SEO Disclaimer

We at Orange County SEO want our customers and clients to experience positive results inside the safety of a transparent and honest service agency relationship. It is for that reason we have decided to publish this public disclaimer to clarify important details pertaining to the client service relationship. This SEO disclaimer serves as a component to our Terms of Service for all clients who accept a quotation for our services.

We have long-tested, proven methods for search engine positioning, however, we do not control the search engines and cannot guarantee placement for any keyword phrases. Our guaranteed SEO services are authentically guaranteed by a 100% money back guarantee if our marketing strategies do not work successfully. Simply put, we do not control the search engines and cannot guarantee a website’s placement, but the results of our services are backed by a 100% money back policy if we fail in our effort to deliver the search engine ranking goals outlined in your proposal.

Orange County SEO is not affiliated with the search engines, and operates as an independent third party to the search engines.

Orange County SEO does not:
- Control or manipulate demand for any particular products or services
- Control click-through-rate in to your website as a result of high search engine positioning
- Cannot manipulate or control the search engine results.

Orange County SEO can only control the techniques and technologies used in an effort to achieve the desired results.


Organic search engine results pages are dictated and controlled by the algorithms and complicated scoring systems developed by the search engines, and not Orange County SEO. The search engines have highly sophisticated algorithms that are designed to crawl, index, score, compare, and serve up results. It is absolutely impossible for any SEO company to guarantee a particular placement for a given keyword as they are not in a position of affiliation with or influence over the search engines and their results pages, on the techniques applied to achieve the desired results for higher placement.

SEO Process

The SEO process is a series of steps taken to polish and perfect a website for maximum potential relevancy and position in the search results pages. These steps are taken exclusive by the client and affiliated SEO company with no communication with representatives from any search engine company. It is impossible to tell the search engines to place a website or resource in any specific location, because these positioning results are mathematically derived by search engine formulas. We follow safe and effective practices that have been proven to achieve top ranking positions for websites over the course of many years.

Sources of Knowledge

Search engines make available recommendations and best practice suggestions for website optimization and inclusion in the search results. They do not publish clear cut or precise instructions to achieve such desired results. We have accumulated enormous data sets from years of experimenting and practice, which results in a deep and intimate understanding of the search engine landscape and allows us to achieve results effectively and consistently.

Nature of SEO Guarantee

We do not provide a guarantee of where a client’s website will be positioned. We will however, use our years of experience and proprietary techniques to achieve the desired positioning results for your websites. We back these results with the guarantee that you will receive your money back if we do not succeed.

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