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Getting More Comments on Your Posts

We all know we need high-quality content and a “call to action” to inspire readers.  What if you still do not get the number of responses to your blog or articles that you would like?  User comments are a great way to add content to your pages and may help you with your freshness score.  Obviously, getting more comments is important.

SEOmoz shares some ideas that may help you get more comments on your pages, raise your ranking, and refresh your posts.

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Facebook Marketing Not All That Different

Facebook made waves when it launched search advertising for the first time this week.  Facebook had been promising a unique departure from the search advertising mainstream, and it seems they delivered on that promise.  Despite the anticipation, many were disappointed to find that the new advertising scheme is not all that much different from other forms of Facebook paid advertising, despite the fact that Facebook has updated the appearance of results and allows them to appear in the search bar.

AdWords has long been the standard for advertising, but Facebook promised to roll out easy-to-use ads that would dramatically increase market share for social media targets.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be only half-right; Facebook users will certainly get to see sponsored ads, but the ultimate differences in AdWords and Facebook may tilt the scales in favor of Google.

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Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social media marketing is a great way to build your business, get your website noticed, and increase your SEO effectiveness.  There are smart ways to use social media marketing, but most people don’t understand how to do it right.  Social media marketing can be like a full time job for your business, which is why it is so important to understand how to do it correctly.

One of the smartest decisions a business can make is to use an outside source to help with social media marketing, SEO, and web design.  By working with professionals, you can trust that it will be done right , and you can spend your valuable time running your business.

The reality is that social media marketing is a powerful marketing tool and can be used to increase your business.  It is the marketing practice of using several social media websites to get information about your business out to more people on the web.  You can share updates, images, videos, and more with a much larger audience when you use social media marketing properly. Then your fans will share your information with their friends, engaging even more people who are likely to be interested in your product, service, or blog.

The process can be a like a full time job, because to be truly effective, social media marketing must be done on a consistent basis.  Setting up a fan page on Facebook and thinking that you are done with social media marketing is a mistake that too many business make.  One of the concepts in social media marketing is the ‘social’ part.  You actually need to post regularly, post interesting information, and interact with your readers and fans.
To be truly successful, it helps to have a plan in place and professionals to put the plan into action.  In your plan, you will want to include strategies for gaining website traffic, improving SEO, creating brand awareness, and communication with your web audiences.

There are so many angles that social media marketing can be worked from that it is imperative that you get help with this process.  Creating the right plan for your business success is going to help your business to grow.  This is just like working on any other marketing campaign.   It needs to be done carefully, with attention to detail, and help from trained experts, like those here at Orange County SEO, to ensure get all that you want from the process.

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