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Cheap Perfume Does Not Translate Into Lasting Sales

In a recent article by Todd Mintz, he compared what some bloggers are doing to the cheap perfume his wife used to discourage the cat from clawing the carpet.  When he jokingly asked her why she didn’t use the perfume herself, her reply was that the strong scent just didn’t last.  This has application to the world of SEO marketing, as well.

Mintz goes on to use the analogy to compare today’s “anonymous bloggers” with the true thing.  Popular blog sites are quick to publish the outré, the different–but these posts may last no longer than the fickle whims of change take to blow them away, dissipating that pungent dime-store scent.

To Mintz, blogging is a responsibility.  What you say online has an impact with your colleagues, friends, and family.  Impulsive or outrageous posts have a way of coming back to bite the blogger long after he or she has vented the spleen, and may impact the outlook of people towards a site, product, or company. Read More »

How to Rank on YouTube

You want to be involved in all aspects of social media, and this includes YouTube.  Every month, YouTube received over 800 million individual visits, and shows off over 3 billion hours of video.  How can you use this powerhouse to further your video marketing strategy?  Here are some useful tips to get noticed on YouTube.

Orange County SEO can help you with YouTube and hundreds of other website tools.  Our social media marketing and management will help you get the very best out of all the media available to promote your website. Read More »

Grow Your Twitter Account with Followerwonk

Social media is a must-have tool for SEOs.  SEOmoz PRO members can now take advantage of a new free program to manage social accounts outreach and add value to your growing presence in the SM world.  The name of this amazing program?  Followerwonk!

Followerwonk allows you to search for specific users, make comparisons in user lists, find stats on your users, and track for wins and losses.

If you are concerned about your social media presence, Orange County SEO can help you with social media marketing and management.  Our experts can help you ensure that your SM presence is the best it can be through the use of tools like Followerwonk. Read More »

Blogging Your Way To Fortune – Successful Tips For Business Owners

Blogging has never been easy, but with the surge in popularity of blogs, it has become a competitive game.  According to Pingdom, at the end of 2011 there were 70 million WordPress blogs, 39 million Tumblr blogs, and 555 million total websites.

Even assuming that half of these blogs are microsites or network-specific, that means that eight percent of the United States population is now blogging.  This number is only going to increase. Read More »

Google Becoming Competitive in Social Media

The social media playground is being run by the big kids now.

With SM playing an ever-larger role in consumer sight, companies are scurrying to install innovation to draw new users.  Recent numbers tell the story:  Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, all one-time “small fry,” now draw 55 million, 50 million, and 12 million users, respectively.  Pinterest now beats Twitter, Bing, Google non-organic traffic, and Bing in sheer volume. If SMM marketers aren’t members of these communities already, these numbers are sure to attract the top social media marketing companies who are out of touch.

This means that some of the seasoned veterans are losing ground.  Facebook once averaged 9.25 external referrals a day, but since the advent of Google+, this number is down to 4.52—a 51 percent drop in volume.  Critics of the new Facebook page format argue that this is not just because of Google’s release but customer dissatisfaction with the unwanted “timeline” Facebook foisted on members. Read More »

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