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The Fancy Is The Newest “Hot Spot”

With a name like The Fancy, the more masculine among us may dismiss this newest hotspot as a “girly” site.  However, it is becoming the latest in a series of amalgamation websites to combine the best of some popular and climbing web interest sites—Pinterest, Love with Food, Groupon, and a host of others.  Best of all, the Fancy combines the best of these sites with a new and easy-to-use look that will draw buyers in and give higher conversion rates than the same bland and boring sites we have come to expect.

comScore’s article on the Fancy focuses on conversion from social media.  Likes are all well and good, but what happens when your likes do not translate into sales?  The Fancy can help you change that by providing that all-elusive marketing gold—a sales opportunity.  If your customers are buying, you are making money, and the Fancy proposes to give them every opportunity to do just that.

Orange County SEO can help you keep up with the latest trends in social media marketing and management by giving you up-to-the minute opportunities to grow your company through strategic marketing. Read More »

Retweets Can Happen With the Right Approach

Having their content retweeted is a rush for most people.  It speaks to our human need to be recognized and have our words or images shared.  However, many people have begun to realize that Twitter can be a powerful tool for marketing, so they try to manage tweets and retweets with a goal in mind.

Orange County SEO can help you manage all your social media marketing and other forms of internet marketing with viable and useful guidance that will have your content bringing in customers from all over the internet.

You can get retweeted more often by following some simple tips, listed here. Read More »

Email Drives Sales, Not Social Media

With all the emphasis on social media marketing (SMM) and its place in the marketing world, there are those who will probably clutch their heads and howl if they are told that social media is not the driving force behind sales.  However, a new study from Forrester called “The Purchase Path of Online Buyers in 2012” says just that.  Instead of social media, the report found that the most effective tools driving sales are email marketing and search marketing.  Imagine the chaos that will ensue when this news hits the social media gurus!

This Can’t Be True, Can It?

There has been so much hype about social media that many people just will not believe this statement without hard numbers.  Forrester has thoughtfully put those together.

For repeat customers who bought with one touchpoint event, 13 percent were brought in by email marketing.  Another 20 percent were lured by direct website visits.  Even for two or more touchpoint visitors, 17 percent cited email as the originating factor of their visit.  For new customers, paid search mattered most in terms of initial draw.

You will notice that social media did not rank in the top of these numbers.  In fact, social media are not meaningful sales drivers according to the Forrester study. Read More »

Making Changes Without Taking Huge Risks

There is no doubt about it, change is stressful.  Even good change brings a certain amount of stress, and bad change can paralyze a person–or an ad campaign.  However, this brings us to a dilemma:  if you do not change occasionally, you do not grow and you or your ad or product eventually wither and die.  How can you change positively but without taking the high level of risk involved in sudden, drastic measures?

For yourself, gradual change may be best.  Why not apply that thinking to your advertising strategy, as well?  Gradual changes based on time-honored and proven techniques may be just the thing to give your ad campaign some new life.

Orange County SEO can help you with all your internet advertising needs by working with you on social media marketing and management, Google Adwords, web design or any areas of your company you would like to improve. Read More »

How To Get Noticed On Twitter

Twitter is one of the best ways to get your news out quickly but it is also one of the most challenging forms of social media for webmasters to use.  It is a fast-paced world and individuals, brands, and others with Twitter accounts must have ways to use these accounts effectively.

Orange County SEO can help you manage your social media marketing with professional guidance and assistance in all your website needs.

SEOMoz lists ten tips for using Twitter more pro-actively and easily.  Here are some ways you can expand your Twitter usage and link in more customers and interest in your business. Read More »

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