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With updates like Panda and Penguin, search engine algorithms are entering a new era.  Link building is still important, but the shift in focus to high-quality content has many webmasters scratching their heads.  What used to seem so simple is now a complex arrangement of marketing strategies and few people seem to have simple answers as to how marketers should respond.

Using internal links in your blog posts and web sites is still good marketing strategy, but Google is coming down hard on what it sees as junk–in both links and website content.  Some of the practices that have existed for a decade are now off-limits, such as reclaiming content from archaic sites and using existing links to pull traffic to your page.  In order to be considered relevant and high-quality by Google, web sites must contain fresh, timely, and original content.

Content marketing is about more than just posting links. It is about sharing valuable content with potential clients, customers, and followers.  If you are investing in professional content marketing, your Orange County SEO company should be focusing on goal-driven campaigns that incorporate links as only one part of your strategy. Read More »

Second Tier Link Building

If you think that linking to pages that link to you is purely a spam concept, think again.  Second tier link building is a valid and useful concept if it is used correctly and you avoid the pitfalls that led so many websites to be punished for their “link wheel” approach when Google finally caught on to their tricks and decided to do something about link valuation.

In your Google Analytics, you should have a list of referrers that point back to your site.  Some are more valuable than others.  In fact, you could probably name a few that drive a great deal of business to your site.  We can call them “contributors” to distinguish them from websites that refer business to you only occasionally.

Your contributors have every right to send you business, and you have every right to capitalize on it.  How can you do this so that you do not trip alarms with the search engines that you are engaging in spam behavior? Read More »

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