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Mobile advertising is one of the fastest-growing dynamics in the world, and it is vitally important that your business take advantage of this opportunity.  Search engines, local searches and smart phones intersect to provide instant information to those who are looking for your business.  You will find that utilizing the power of mobile advertising will grow your business quickly and capture customers who are literally at your doorstep.

Mobile devices require a different type of web design for sites than computers.  It is important that businesses with websites that work well on PCs or laptops understand that they will need a different version of their site for mobile devices.

This infographic offers great reasons to focus on mobile advertising.  Consider the following:

• Smartphone use increased by 13 percent in one year, from 31 to 44 percent of the population.  In fact, it is becoming difficult to find mobile phones without smart phone capabilities.  Most people agree that everyone will be using smart phone technology sooner or later.  In the next year or so, at this rate of growth, more people will be using smart phones than other types of cellular phones.  Many companies are moving to cheaper data plans and sharing data as well.  All of this equates to one thing:  you should be paying attention to mobile advertising.
• 62 percent of smartphone users search every day.  As people become aware of the power of smart phones, they are utilizing these capabilities on a more regular basis.  People who were not even using smart phones a year ago are now becoming experts at using their apps and other features to locate goods and services they want.  As this trend continues, users will expect mobile-friendly websites and will tend to avoid those that are difficult to use on small, handheld devices.
• 61 percent look at only the first page of results.  As time becomes our most precious commodity, most people will not spend hours searching for results.  In fact, there is an unstated attitude that if results do not appear on the first page of a search engine, they are probably not worth a look.
• 96 percent of shoppers have researched a product with a smartphone.  Even if they do not own a smart phone themselves, most people are aware of their capabilities and have at least tested one out.
• 37 and 32 percent of those researchers, respectively, bought online or in-store, for a total of 69 percent conversion.  People who spend time searching are actively looking to purchase.  This is an incredibly rich market for those who want to reach these customers.
• 35 percent have purchased with smartphone and 31 percent expect to do so in the future.  As smart phone use becomes more common, more transactions will be done with these devices.

Smart phone marketing strategies are available and you can take advantage of them if you choose.  While you may not understand all the details of smart phone marketing, Orange County SEO can help you.  If you are in need of internet marketing for your business, please call Orange County SEO by dialing 949-494-0007.

Your Path To Better Landing Page Optimization



Landing pages are what your visitors see when they visit your site.  They are your ambassadors to the public and as such should be at their very best.  Good landing pages draw customers in, while bad ones can send them running.

There are many components to a good landing page, and combining information about landing pages into infographics makes it easier to understand the components at a glance.

Here are the 12 important points from this infographic:

  1. Use only one page per source.  Mixing too much information makes a landing page “busy” and throws potential customers off.
  2. Use A/B testing.  Do not assume your page works well; test it for yourself.
  3. Be sure your ad message matches your ad.  Nothing is more frustrating for customers than to land on a page that has little or nothing to do with the link they clicked.
  4. Consider context of use.  Rather than static images, upload videos or pictures of your product in use.
  5. Use videos to increase conversion.  People tend to trust videos of the product more because they can actually see it being used.
  6. Use directional cues.  Point to your call to action with visual cues such as arrows or other symbols.
  7. Consider the balance of data vs. conversion.  The longer and more personal your data entry forms, the more customers drop out.  Do you really need all that information or is there a better way to obtain it?  One way to avoid the red-tape syndrome is to get information in stages as customers perform more intensive activities.  Casual visitors can fill out one form while buyers fill out additional information.
  8. Edit ruthlessly.  Do not be afraid to tear out worthless or non-working parts of your page and replace them with better content.  If you are unsure about your content, consult an expert for copywriting assistance.
  9. Enable social sharing.  Putting up Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter buttons give you instant–and free–advertising.  Social media is quickly becoming a huge marketing strategy so take advantage of these platforms and their ability to reach millions of potential customers.
  10. Create trust with social proof.  People believe testimonials from other satisfied customers.
  11. Remember that one page has one purpose.  If you need another page for a different aspect of your product or a different product altogether, create it–do not try to cram too much into one page.  This helps keep visitors focused on the end goal—conversion.
  12. Do not forget post-conversion marketing.  Invite clients to join you on Facebook, tell their friends for a discount, and offer other post-conversion opportunities.  This is key to generating return visits and building brand loyalty.

The experts at Orange County SEO can help you optimize your landing pages to give you the best possible results for your business’s website.  Contact Orange County SEO today to find out how we can help you build great landing pages to promote your business and turn your browsers into paying customers.

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